Inter-Regional Schools Challenge


Team Points
1 Auckland Volcanoes 43.5
2 Southern Tempest Red 41.5
3 Lower North Island 39.5
4 Auckland Ranges 37.0
5 Southern Tempest Blue 17.0


Queens Birthday Day 1

Saturday 3 June 2017

A great start to to the weekend, with fine weather and good running in the Leithfield forested areas. Well done to all those who took the lake shortcut near the end!

A big thank you to Carsten Jørgensen and Peter Cleary for the courses and Vivien Bloor for organising all the volunteers and keeping everyone happy.

Link to RouteGadget where you can load/draw your route and see where others went.


Queens Birthday Day 2

Sunday 4 June 2017

Well done to all those who survived the cooler temperatures, but you did miss the snow that started falling as the controls were being collected.

Thanks to Alister Metherell and Bruce Steven for the courses that went through the forest with amazing bird song, and to Iona Powell and her hardy team of volunteers who ensured the event ran smoothly.

Link to RouteGadget where you can check what routes people took.


Queens Birthday Day 3

Monday 5 June 2017

How many events start with such a beautiful jog up a beach!

Thanks to Nick Smith and Jenni Adams for creating such enjoyable courses, and Mary Mackintosh for keeping a fantastic bunch of helpers under control.

Link to RouteGadget where you can load your route and see how others found the controls.